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My thoughts about digital marketing ! Learn more about digital marketing @ free of cost !!

By | 25th March 2017

Digital Marketing – Am sure everyone would have heard about it, Digital Marketing Professional all together took a new turn lately from 2013. Every day I can see in LinkedIn news feeds a reasonable number of company/startup venture signing off a big deal. As my journey continued, I happened to realize  “The Importance of Digital… Read More »

Open letter to Search Engine

By | 23rd March 2017

Search Engine! Damn they, in fact, run everything around the internet. What do you do when you open a browser? We would eventually land up in a search engine and would start filling it with keywords. Based on the keywords we could see search results are populated based on the search algorithm. Yes, in fact, they… Read More »

Long vs Short Blog Posts ! Untold tale of content marketing

By | 19th March 2017

Blogs and Blogs … everywhere . There are blogs about anything to everything you can name it, they are overloaded these days. There is an old saying and still, dominates among the content marketers – “Content is the King!”. What is a Content? This what Wikipedia says –  Content is the information and experience(s) directed towards an end-user or audience.[1]  Well considering… Read More »