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By | 14th April 2017
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Facebook page creation tips and tricks

Great you have made up your mind to create a facebook page for your business.

What are the benefits of creating a facebook page for your business?

1)Most peoples often spend a lot more time on facebook and other social media networks apart from socializing, they do search for service providers, bakers, communication experts, website designers and a lot much more.

This opens up the channel for social media marketers to interact with these potential customers and acquire them easily, with less effort.

Well, do you need to be a social media expert to do this?

Nope !! You dont have to be a social media expert to do this.Right now you have to know few things about setting up a facebook page for your business in the right manner and reading this series of a blog post you would be landing up as social media expert eventually, because I am gonna teach you all good traits of becoming a social media expert on your own.

Social Media Experts !!

Marketing professionals who open ups the bridge between the customers and the vendors. They are master of social media, they understand. How to reach peoples, collect the leads and market the product in a right way.

You need to know following things to become a social media expert – Facebook (Am taking up this blog post exclusive for facebook media experts only.)

Primary Skills

  • Setting up a good facebook page

  • Redesinging and tweaking the page

Secoundary Skills

  • Content and Post Managment

  • Promoting posts and pages using facebook ads

  • Lead generation activities

  • Customer Focuss and Retention

You have created a page on facebook already. Bravo !! Apperciate it. Let’s begin the work then,

Take a deep breath and have some water …or coke or something of your choice.

Little heads up …

Facebook Social

You would be coming across when you create a facebook page. Nothing to worry, you can change this type of page from settings.

Basic things you would need to set up your facebook page.

1)Profile Image

You definitely need this before you publish your page. Profile images should be conveying following things

1)Your brand

2)Your Motive behind this facebook page

I have seen most of the people not setting up this profile image and landing up in pile of problems. As a visitor, this would be the first thing you gonna see.

Banner Image

You can create your own banner image or hire some graphics professional to do the job for you.

If you are not willing to hire someone and you have no idea of creating a banner. You can try it from Canva.

They provide you free service and you can make use out of it, without even paying any money.

While designing a banner image for your facebook page, make sure these values are adhered.

1)Core values of your organization

2)Logo and Name of your organization

3)Tagline should be present

4)Your contact information – > website URL , phone numbers …

Setting up your Messenger  Code

Messenger code was introduced by facebook lately, they are providing a great advantage to interact with people, which is quite equivalent to snapchat snap codes.


You can also download your messenger code and start publishing in other blogs to connect your page and start chatting with you.

Next thing you should know about flag messages. Imagine you receive a lot of messages in your facebook page. You literally are tired of answering all of them.

You have an option to set the message as a flagged one. Facebook do provide us the custom flag setting.

Click on the filter by to set the flag messages

Here you could add the flag labels for future purposes.

Setting up Response Assistant

Response Assistant which offers you wide variety of messaging services here

1)Sending out instant responses, those who are messaging your page.

2)Setting up a auto message to be fired, when you are away.

3)Configuring welcome messages.

Click on Setup Response Assitant. By default they would be off, you can turn them on, for reference, i have managed to take few screenshots and they are quite explanatory. You can create few customizations by clicking on personalization button available in the drop down menu.



















That’s all folks! too much in one plate is gonna ruin fun of learning … More facebook media marketing is up on the pipeline.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook page for business , the sanity things you need in a place

  1. niraj bari

    I am just getting into Social Media marketing and blogging and your tips are very helpful. I agree that the content has to be engaging, you have to really get to know your client so you know what it is that engages them. It will definitely take some time and patience to build a following then learn what engages them.

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