How to stay connected with social media networks for business

By | 22nd April 2017
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My Social Journey

Trust me or not, it just gave me more 85 % of traffic to my blogs without the power of SEO and SEM!

I used to stay connected with social media networks as often I get time. But lately, there was a problem handling social media accounts and staying connected with them.

Facebook was more often visited than any other social media networks.

Later came along Linkedin, since I had to use there was no other go for this.I happened to sign up and started to be an active member.

Then came along Twitter, since it was quite easy to connect and flourish your contacts. I didn’t mind signing up.

Then happened to sign up with Google Plus account, I love Materialistic designs by google. Hence I wanted an account for this. I visit somewhat called often when I get bored with other social media networks

Then came along Pinterest. I found this quite useful and made a replacement of Instagram. I could easily tag my blogs posts in one click, Instagram doesn’t allow you to do that.

You can’t upload your pictures from computer Instagram. I find it so lame … but the point is about social media networks

huff Now let’s rewind over my social media presence – I have a Facebook account, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest.

Here comes the trouble

At the start, it was quite interesting and I had the fire in me to constantly update the posts simultaneously over these many social many platforms.

The Interest started to grow a bit slower became two and later it became one and then with nothing 🙂 haha haha. That’s my story of social media networking, I almost gave up this networking concept and started to focus more on my blog.

Traffic was reduced to null and I could not see any more spikes in my analytics graph and I was under the impression to close my social media accounts including this lovely blog.

Then I happened to read about few social media experts and started to observe their social channel. To my surprise, I found something unique up in their social channels.

1)Contents they post in Social channels are quite uniform 

If they post something on facebook, they dont post the same content in other social channels such as – twitter, google plus and other few etc. 

By doing this, they are able to engage different sources of interest end users reading over the posts.

2)Before they post something, they create viral about it.

Before they post about social media marketing, they tell peoples they are well known social media marketers up in the industry. They have had the origin made up from “XXXX” to “YYYY”

they make a brand story about themselves and post it. Later they start to build on it. In this way, you would literally like/follow them on the social media. Thus they have reached a decent customer base. 

Then start to play the rule of content marketing. they make contents willing for the users to read on it. 

They would read them and share them, making them more viral and eventually a successful mission. 

3)Once this happens, they would start to make the base stronger.

Giving them new freebies downloads and acquiring their email address for email marketing.

4)They would start actively posting the contents in all social media.

Renewing their presence every time, since they dont …they would vanish just like that. Social media is a big ocean, you have to either row your boat or swim and swim all your life to reach your never ending goal.

Still, I havent answered how do you be active in social media?

It’s quite an impossible task to do that unless you need a strong social strategy !! That’s nothing but simple Task planning.

First things first, you would not be able to concentrate on all social media platforms with one pair of eyes.

So you need a content management system for managing the posts and understanding the analytics behind it. I am using Buffer and in-house analytics gi ven by social media providers such as Facebook pixels and Twitter analytics

Secondly, you need to focus one social media at once. What I would recommend is to plan social media engagement activities.

for example

Mondays – >for facebook. Engage with users and try boosting your posts and other social media engagement activities.

Tuesday ->for twitter. Engaging activities and tweets

Wednesday -> google plus

Thursday ->Pininterest

Fridays ->Linkedin

Since am establishing only these channels, am planning them in my social media calendar. But you have the question for the other days you are not marking any posts/tweets to social media channels.

Nope, you should be automating those things using Buffer – A social media content management system. You can schedule your social posts using this FREE Tool and publish it as per your calendar.

If you are receiving a lot of responses from one social channel in particular. Dont give up on things, try blending your social strategy to reaps its best benefits out of it.

Hope it helps someone out there!


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