Unleashing Social Media

By | 8th April 2017
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Social Media

When we are talking about this, social media roots would be taking us to the chat mediums which were offered by Google Chats / Yahoo Chat rooms earlier. It just grew from text chats to webcam chats and then social media communities such as Orkut started to take a stronger place up in social media industry.

Orkut – (Right now it’s dead ! They have decommissioned, owned by google)

Facebook – (Father for all social communities)

Facebook took a major turn from social media community to broader socialization community. They are one hell of social community till date.

That’s how the social media came into existence, I have chopped few data up here. Sorry for that .. well back to the game.

How did they influence us?

Social Media Factors


Connecting with people have become an easier task nowadays, it’s quite easy to find your distant cousin, whom you have never meet in your life using any one of the social media communities.

You can reach out your school buddies or create a social group to revive those old memories which you have cherished in the past.

You can build up a personal brand for yourself using these social media community, advantages are quite huge and the list would go on.. just like that.

The list would go on.. just like that.

That’s the reason most of the people tend to spend a lot more time up here virtually connecting with their loved ones, dear ones and hate ones too. Lol …

Social Media Experts Era

Socail Media Experts

When people started to spend more time on social media sites, internet marketers identified a unique strategy to push the product in the right crowd. Earlier marketers were kind of facing this dilemma  –

Earlier marketers were kind of facing this dilemma  –

“Marketing is just like a walking around a room where there is no light. You have to jump few hurdles to push your product to the right group of people.”

Right now we have a lot of tools and segmentation techniques to filter the customers and push the product to the intended persona or future buyers!

Now social marketers have taken the full advantage given by the social media community such as facebook and twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Let see what facebook has to offer us?

1)Creating a Page for your business

It has been an easy task to do, click on the down arrow shown next to the need help. There should be a drop down menu opening for the same. Over there, click on create the page.

Click on the down arrow Facebook Drop Down menu













2)Boosting the Posts to Intended users

Assuming that your page is created and everything in place which includes

Profile Picture and banner image – Choose them wisely, that’s the first thing any user gonna judges your profile and gonna hit like button.

Best tip to choose the right profile picture and banner image, look out for your competitor who has more 20k followers and analyzes their principle followed for profile pictures and banner images.
Fill out all information such as your story,  blog information, contact information. Those things in the first place, before you gonna invest some time for social strategies.

Note: Dont try to boost the contents before the posts have not reached a matured state. 
-Post few updates regarding your social presence up here

-Next updates should be, benefits why did you start this venture

-What benefit are users gonna get from your service /product?

-What is your brand story?

-Take snapshots of your existing products and upcoming products.

Once you have reached the maturity state over here. Next thing important thing you need is a social content management system – tools like

Next thing important thing you need is a social content management system to automate your posts i would recommend to use – tools like buffer

Buffer helps us to schedule the contents and manage them easily using their system. you can plan all your updates to be posted in this tool earlier and schedule them at the right time.

You can connect up to 5 accounts for free of cost, I would highly recommend using this for automating the posts updates

Am using the free account, this is the just outlook of the buffer. So you guys will have an idea about buffer

Buffer Interface

So right now you have the contents and tool to manage your posts. cool right.

Next would be building up your user bases up here

Facebook -Promote your page menu

You can click on Promote your page option and do further segmentation on whom do you wanna reach out.

Once everything is done, click on promote button.

The number of likes you gonna receive is totally based on the segmentation and pricing standards used.

You can either use Custom pricing, where you can enter the price for the ads to run. Facebook will calculate the number of likes and people reach and give you a result.

It’s one way of doing it, please refer this screenshot for the same.

Pricing Standards

Other of way doing the same, just choose the budget shown by facebook in the daily budget. I would strongly recommend getting started with facebook ads.

3)Insight generation and Lead Generation tools

After the promotions have completed running, you can see the insight and how well the facebook ads have performed.

Note: – once the posts or facebook fan page reaches more than 100 likes, facebook would be able to analyze the data and give you the useful insights.


  • Where you can see the overall performance of your page,
  • Number of Engagement and other activities. A total number of likes received.
  • Boosted posts, total reach and how many of them liked it.
  • The total budget spends on the each post.
  • Top performing posts in your page.


You can see the details of the post you have boosted using facebook ads.

But there are few things which are more important in this insights. The timing of people coming up online.

This just sample screenshot of my blog, look over the section – “When your fans are online

You should always use this to segment the time for posting. If you gonna post the contents when your fans are offline, that doesn’t make sense at all. Right, use this, for further segmentation.

Another factor to look out for insights –  Who are your targets.

Refine the segmentation and study them, what are the things went wrong up here.

I guess I have gone too far over here for facebook marketing techniques. Please do drop a comment, will reach out in clearing further queries.

Stay tuned for my updates regarding –

Facebook ad manager and Facebook Analytics – Pixel


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